The Builder

My name is Zach Wiest. I live in Maryland with my wife Monica and our three daughters, two cats, and a french bulldog. I’ve been an Officer in the Coast Guard since 2008. Most of my career I flew the MH-65 Dauphin helicopter, but I am currently stationed at Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC. I hope to get back to the fleet and flying in a couple years.

The Wiest Family

Building a cobra replica has been a decades long dream of mine. For me, the build isn’t just a means to an end. I find the process of taking on large tasks just as enjoyable as using the finished products. I’ve worked on, but have haven’t built, a car before. But, when I lived in South Florida I built a Chesapeake Light Craft Skerry and I have some experience in the construction of Zenith and Vans aircraft.

During the build, I will be enlisting the help of my family and friends. Short of installing the drivetrain and performing bodywork, I am building in my basement. It is a cozy spot with an adjacent theater. I hope this helps draw my wife and daughters into the build process. I want to involve my father as well. He rebuilt numerous antique and classic cars and is currently restoring a Triumph TR3B. Everyone is invited to participate in the build! Feel free to reach out to me here.