What’s the deal with Know Patience?

A decade ago I built a Chesapeake Light Craft Skerry. Like any good boat, it needed a name. Using a play on words (i.e. Knot-A-Care, Lunasea, Deck-A-Dence) is very common in boat naming, and I wanted to do something similar. Building and maintaining a wooden boat, even a small one, was a lesson in patience. And I much as I knew that the build needed patience, I had no patience to get it done. I cut some corners and rushed through some processes, but in the end, I did finish and sail the boat. The name Know Patience seemed fitting. That name will now live on in this build blog. Know Patience will be a reminder to expect and work through the challenges of this build.

As of this writing, I’ve barely begun the build, but my patience has already been tried. It took 10+ months for the kit to arrive after the initial order. The day after it arrived, my wife had surgery that required a lengthy recovery. Between caring for her, the kids and pets, and work, the time to build is sparse. I am itching to get started… it’s a battle between having no patience and needing to know patience.

They say patience is a virtue. That is true. Patience should be listed on the kit’s required tool list! If I let a lack of patience get the best of me, I’ll be tempted to cut corners or not incorporate all that I want into my cobra build. I don’t want that to happen. I won’t let that happen.

Let’s get this build started!

-Zach (January 29, 2023)