The Journey Begins

I first discovered the Shelby Cobra as a teen. My father, a big fan and restorer of vintage cars, took the family to the Watkins Glen Grand Prix. I saw many Cobras and I am sure most were replicas. But given the prominence of the event, I’m pretty sure there was a least one genuine Cobra present. I thought it was the most beautiful car there, and from that moment I knew I wanted one. Not being wealthy, I quickly found myself exploring the Cobra kit car market. By all accounts, Factory Five Racing seemed to produce the most respected, complete, and attainable kit.

Quinn on the plane

Fast forward a couple decades and I finally found myself in a position to purchase one. Before I made that purchase decision, I planned a visit to Factory Five Racing in Wareham, MA. I had a Coast Guard colleague that was retiring at the nearby Cape Cod Air Station in March 2022, so I made the trip with my daughter, Quinn. It was our first daddy/daughter vacation.

A couple days after returning home, I placed my order on 13 March 2022. Factory Five Racing reached out that week to confirm my options and provided a 31 December 2022 completion date. It is going to be a long 9+ month wait!

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