My wife Monica’s surgery was successful and she is recoverying well. Over the last few nights, I’ve inventoried all the boxes. I was quite worried that given the high demand for Factory Five products and the status of world supply chains, that I would be short a lot of items. I heard a lot of horror stories this year about back ordered parts. Fortunately, my Part on Order List (POL) wasn’t too lengthy. In fact, I got a bonus box that contained half of the POL! I guess between kit completion and pickup, some of my parts came in. The only significant things I am missing right now are the Wilwood pedal box and the rivets.

I read a lot on the Factory Five Forums about how to best tackle the inventory. I ended up ticking items off my inventory lists and then putting them all back into their boxes. I then attached the inventory sheet to the box. With all the sheets scanned, I will be able to quickly search for the parts I need by number or name. When all was said and done, I was missing about 12 items. All were small pieces of hardware. I sent that list off to Factory Five and had a Missing in Kit order in the system the next day. I was also sent the incorrect driveshaft, but Factory Five sent me a shipping label so I could exchange it.

My boxes are now all neatly organized and accessible. There are a few larger boxes that I won’t use for some time that aren’t pictured (seats, carpet, windshield, etc). I put them in the attic and gym.

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